Friday, May 22, 2015

Hotels Vs. Vacation Homes

What seems more appealing and comfortable to stay in for a week?


Or This:

Why stay in a small cramped hotel paying an arm and a leg when you can stay in a spacious luxurious home? For most people when thinking about their vacation, they think only about renting a hotel room because it must be the less expensive option for traveling right? Wrong. Between having to spend money on each room plus going out to eat and sometimes not even being able to take the leftovers back to the room because either it doesn't have a refrigerator or microwave or sometimes both, you end up wasting a lot of money. What happens at the end of your vacation when you pack for your trip back home? Usually you end up with a lot of dirty laundry that you either have to separate and put back in your luggage or pay extra money to clean them before going to your next destination. Well, an easy way to save a quick buck is to rent a vacation home. By doing so not only do you get to enjoy more space (especially when travelling with children or your not so easy-going family members) but there's also full sized and fully equipped kitchens, washers/dryers and sometimes even game rooms/theaters.

How could $99 a night at a hotel with one or two beds and no privacy, possibly sound better than $99 a night in a 3 bedroom condo? Didn't think that existed right.... Mind Blown! Don't you love hearing the sound of the people arguing in the next room when you are trying to sleep on your vacation? I know that's my favorite especially with a light sleeping toddler who refuses to go to sleep once awake. Well, to avoid situations like this I'd personally rather pay the same amount for privacy with the same amount of fun and getaway experience.  Another fantastic thing about renting a vacation home is you don't have to go out to eat everyday for each meal, when you can prepare anything you'd want in a full size kitchen. Now, if you happen to be a little clumsy and spill something on your favorite shirt you also DON'T have to pay extra to get it washed, since there's already a washer and dryer in the home. Just slip in to your next favorite shirt and continue on in the kitchen not worrying about the clothes which are already getting washed. Then, jump in a heated pool and relax or play around until you're ready for the next part of your day.

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